"You are one of the most approachable, warm and collaborative professionals I have ever met. You really took the time to make sure people got what they needed for a positive learning experience."
Genoveva Stanitchi, Events Manager, Grupul Realitate, Romania

William believes that doing good is inextricably linked to doing well. He’s on a mission to help millions of people around the globe achieve their career potential and enhance their happiness quotient. What’s the key? He’s a master at aligning who you are with what you do and how you do it. He believes that everyone can exceed even their own expectations when they’re willing to stretch their mind, open their heart, and find the courage to celebrate their authentic selves.

William is convinced that the purest form of giving requires doing so without the expectation of receiving anything in return. In his experience, most wildly successful people have ‘generous’ as a personal brand attribute. He takes pride and pleasure in giving back — sharing resources, tools, tips and advice focused on career success. To that end, he is continually creating a vast assortment of quizzes, videos, worksheets, and other tools, always making them available to those who seek to grow and succeed. He also awards the Reach Personal Branding Certification Scholarship to coaches and career counselors who support underserved members of society.

Certification Scholarship

This program provides complimentary Reach Personal Branding Certification (CPBS program) to coaches, counselors or consultants who serve an underserved population to help them gain employment, grow professionally and gain self-confidence. We reserve one space in each of our CPBS sessions for the recipient of this scholarship. Nominate someone or qualify.