“A Prominent Personal Branding Consultant, Arruda made his career in corporate branding, [then] launched a personal-branding business in 2001, when few people were doing it.”
-Jonathan Rauch, National Magazine, Atlantic Monthly

Talent activation opens an inner path for people’s authentic brilliance to shine.

William calls it “permission to be yourself.” His mission? Activate talent by helping individuals and organizations build and nurture authentic winning brands.

From crafting comprehensive programs to turn an entire brand community into brand ambassadors, to delivering workshops on how to apply the principles of branding to employees, William puts people in the equation to drive business results by leveraging human brand assets.

Here’s where it all started: When he worked at IBM/Lotus, William landed his dream job—leading a brilliant branding team he could encourage and inspire. He was elated; he loved the work; he was set in his career. Until Tom Peters.

Talk about talent activation!

While reading Tom Peters’ pivotal 1997 cover story, The Brand Called You in Fast Company, William found his true calling, and within a few years (despite loving his job) he risked all he had to leave the corporate world, launch Reach Personal Branding, and become, as he says, “an accidental entrepreneur.”

Overflowing with new ideas, William developed unique offerings that translated the power of corporate branding to personal branding—and he’s never stopped. Reach programs and certifications evolve and expand to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving workplace and a market increasingly driven by social media. His offerings (and his clients) continue to inspire people to deliver greater value and to increase their happiness quotient at work.

That’s talent activation—undeniable on-brand, value-driven, engagement-spurring energy—flowing from Tom Peters, to William, to thousands of clients and companies, including some of the world’s strongest global brands.