"One of the top ten motivational speakers you must experience."
- John Hall, Forbes

William lives to speak publicly and uses his highly energetic and enthusiastic style to pump adrenaline into your meeting or event. He designs all his programs to drive long lasting value for your people. With William, it’s not just about motivation, it’s about inspiring the audience to turn learning into action and action into results. His most popular topics are focused on personal branding, social media and LinkedIn:

Building Brand YOU!

Build Your Brand in Bits and Bytes

Personal Branding for Sales Leaders

Personal Branding for Women

Be LinkedIn or Shut Out

Ditch. Dare. Do!

Speak Out


Building Brand YOU! Three Steps to a Winning Personal Brand

Personal branding is increasingly recognized as a must-have skill for every leader. It provides the sense of stability, empowerment, value-creation and recognition leaders need to succeed in today’s increasingly dynamic marketplace. Personal branding is about being yourself — your best self — in support of your career, your team and your organization. William has been leading the personal branding industry longer than anyone else; and he shares what he has learned in this highly interactive and actionable presentation. He takes you through his proven, three-step personal branding process so you can learn the secrets of building and communicating your winning personal brand. This inspiring presentation is ideal for customer-facing employees, leaders and emerging leaders. It enables them to increase their confidence and use their innate strengths to build strong and enduring relationships. It’s also perfect for business owners who must build their brands so that they can stand out from the competition and engage their ideal clients.

Build Your Brand in Bits and Bytes — Social Media Branding

Today, if you don’t show up in Google, you don’t exist. Building your personal brand on the web is not only important to career success, it’s critical to being able to do your job, lead your team and support your company. In this presentation, William explains the social branding phenomenon and provides the roadmap for building a powerful online presence — taking advantage of all the social media tools available. Having a virtual brand that reinforces and extends your real-world brand. It helps you do your job better. William shows you how easy it is to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and other social media to grow your brand and increase the value you deliver to your employer. He takes the mystery out of social networking and shares his secrets for the easiest and most effective ways to build your brand in bits and bytes. The result: You gain competitive advantage, grow your network, expand your leadership presence and increase your influence.

Personal Branding for Sales Leaders

Strong personal brands open doors, build trust and develop ambassadors. The market is competitive. Driving sales requires being able to establish and nurture client relationships and attract ideal opportunities. It means turning prospects into loyal clients and loyal clients into fervent promoters — who become your sales force — helping you open more doors. In this highly interactive, informative and actionable presentation, William takes you through the three-step personal branding process so you can uncover and express your personal brand in support of your sales goals. In addition to understanding how to build your brand, you learn secrets for using social media to support your business building goals. William shares his unique tips for using LinkedIn that will have a huge impact on your prospects and help you stand out from the myriad others who seek to land the same accounts.

Personal Branding for Women

Companies are waking up to the importance of promoting women into leadership roles. Women are the future of business: Their cultural perspective and their cognitive strengths (whether from nature or nurture) are uniquely aligned with the needs of the new world of work. This gives them an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate their authentic selves, creating value for their team, their company and for themselves. This keynote prepares women to succeed in leadership roles by helping them unearth their authentic brand and use it to make a mark on the organization they lead. Personal branding helps women expand their success by enabling them to uncover their unique strengths and talents. The next step is to build a plan to use these talents to stand out, influence others and develop a positive, powerful reputation within and outside the organization. When you’re being your authentic self, you are energized, empowered, attractive, and unstoppable. Through this presentation, women discover how personal branding can unlock their true potential.

Be LinkedIn or Shut Out

Be lazy, be an imposter and be secretive — just some of the counterintuitive but wildly valuable advice you will experience in William’s keynote focused on the power of LinkedIn. In a world where people learn about you online before meeting you in person, LinkedIn has become the most powerful tool for expressing your personal brand. Not having a LinkedIn profile sends a message that you aren’t serious about your career; but just having a profile is not enough. You need to understand how to use LinkedIn to manage your career and deliver greater value to your team and your company. You need your profile to stand out from myriad others to attract the attention of decision makers. You need a connection strategy that will rocket you towards your goals. And you need to know how to integrate LinkedIn into your comprehensive social media plan. This innovative presentation gives you the critical tools you can use you can build a stellar profile and use LinkedIn to expand your thought-leadership, build and nurture your network and enhance your performance at work.

Ditch. Dare. Do! — 3D Personal Branding for Executives

Taken from his latest book, this fun and inspiring presentation shows you the impact of integrating these three provocative verbs into your daily actions. Ditch, Dare. Do! is William’s definitive (and irreverent) keynote for defining, aligning, and living the power of brand. In this presentation, he asks the audience to challenge long-held assumptions and habits, daring them with a series of ditches — mindsets that must be shattered, dares — challenges to up their game, and a dos — critical actions must be accomplished to ensure success. William convinces you that when you take on these challenges — daily — you advance your career, and deliver greater value to your team and your company. He encourages audience members to record their ditches, and dares — and to do them as soon as they exit the auditorium.

Speak Out: Turning Presentations into Performances

Presentation skills are crucial to career or business success, both in terms of presenting your company in the best possible light, and also in terms of developing your own professional image and advancing your leadership presence. During this workshop, William shares with you the ten steps for turning a presentation into a performance. You will learn tricks and techniques that you can use to refine your personal communications style, build your confidence and grow as a leader. William also shares with you how to be confident on video and ways to use video as a positively disruptive communications tool for both real-time communications and personal branding content.