"William was the featured speaker at our Brand Day event and his presentation was a huge hit! He has a unique ability to relate to everyone in the audience as if he is speaking to them individually."
-Tracy Scott, Learning Development Consultant, Haworth

Some of William’s favorite (and free!) resources

How Strong Is Your Brand? Quiz

Learn the strength of your brand, as well as areas where you can enhance it to increase professional success.


This personal branding survey helps you understand your brand from the outside in. You get a clear understanding of external perceptions so you can build a brand based in authenticity. 15-day accounts are free.

Feel-Good Trifecta

This fillable PDF worksheet helps you record of all the great learning, accomplishments, and gratitude that are woven into your fast-paced workday. Reviewing your worksheet is guaranteed to make you smile.

50 Eye-Opening Questions to Uncover the Brand Called You

Branding is based in authenticity. To build your brand, you must dig deep into who you are. These questions will help you get clear on the brand called YOU!

Video Tips — William’s YouTube Channel

With over a half million views, William’s popular YouTube channel is replete with advice, how-to’s, thought-provoking commentary and a giant dose of inspiration to motivate you to use the power of personal branding and social media to expand your success.

William’s Forbes Column

William focuses his column on personal branding and social media — with a special emphasis on how to use LinkedIn to expand your career success. Follow him.