"Thank you for the phenomenal keynote speech at the IIT conference. You made a stunning impact."
- Raj Menon, President IITNT

Clients rave about William’s presentations and are amazed at his non-stop energy, enthusiasm and optimism. Here’s what a few have to say:

“William is an instant energizer to any group. Hosting him at LinkedIn NYC for a Speaker Series event was one of the most valuable ways we could have invested in our employees. He spent an hour sharing content, insights and the secret sauce to branding success in a charming, relatable way – and our team couldn’t get enough if it. His advice resonates with any audience and his storytelling will leave you informed and inspired.” 

Nawal Fakhoury, Learning and Development, LinkedIn


“Enthusiastic, energetic, passionate’… …’Engaging and captivating’… …’Full of ideas’… …’Connected very well with the audience’… ‘Very compelling and explains the branding concept in simple terms.’ These are just a few of the glowing comments we received following an informative and inspirational Personal Branding event for our Developing Female Leaders forum. William’s enthusiastic style worked very well with the audience, and everybody left the event feeling energised and empowered. The advice on how to use the concept of branding for professional and personal success was invaluable. I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to William on behalf of all the attendees.”

Sarah Parry, Principal Consultant, PA Consulting, London


“William made the topics of personal branding and social media accessible for our members. His explosive energy and ability to tell clever, relatable stories kept participants engaged and inspired to take action.”

Chris Perrotte, VP Marketing, SEFA


“William is passionate about the role leaders play in engaging their teams and building strong brands. His fascinating and thought provoking presentation had participants on the edge of their seats during our CEO Leadership Forum in London.”

Zoe Arden, Managing Director, Golin/Harris


“William exudes energy and a fervent interest in branding. He provided our group with humorous insights and actionable advice on how to use the concepts of branding to help us succeed in our careers while providing greater value for Microsoft. His one-of-a-kind presentation was so valuable to our staff that we have already booked him for another keynote and two workshops.”

Tamara Pesic, Director, Speaker Series, Microsoft, Seattle


“We weren’t sure how the topic of personal branding would be received here in Amsterdam, but were thrilled to see how engaged and inspired our participants were. Our goal is to provide women employees with the skills and motivation they need to accelerate their movement into leadership roles. William’s seminar did exactly that! Our members left the event re-engaged and re-energized — and with a plan of action. William’s enthusiasm is contagious, his insights are valuable and his message is essential to career success.”

Elena Bytsjichina, Director, American Express Women’s Network, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your presentation was everything I knew it would be. Your presence was extraordinary. You walk your talk.”

Carolyn Parrott, Consulting Leader, Spherion Consulting


“We were very honored to receive William at France-Amriques. He is an outstanding professional, with extraordinary communicative energy and passion. He delivered one of the most powerful, insightful and thought-provoking presentations we have ever staged.”

Florence Brillouin, President, France-Amriques


“William Arruda gave a Personal Branding presentation to the Cornell Johnson School Executive MBAs in January 2011 and I am still receiving rave comments — “Amazing presentation — should be mandatory!” For anyone interested in presenting their business and personal brand in the most effective way, William Arruda’s presentation should not be missed. This was a non-stop hour of interesting and new information.”

Lynne Allen, EMBA and Alumni Career Director


“You are such an energetic, compelling and engaging presenter! Thank you for capping off our conference with great style and energy! You gifted each of us with ideas and ways to spend time learning about who we are and how we want to hold ourselves out to the world. We so often encourage our clients to do that and forget to do it for ourselves. A perfect ending to a wonderful day.”

Merle Rockwell, Chair, ICF Capital Coaches Conference


“William’s presentation was dynamic and compelling and really made everyone think about their personal brand in new ways. William’s thoughts on building your personal brand continued to be referenced by everyone at the event. He truly made a lasting impact on the team!”

Amy Alfano, Director, Cisco


“William Arruda delivered one of the most inspirational presentations we have ever experienced. His energy is contagious. His message is powerful. His effect on our people has been significant. I recommend William to any organization that wants to motivate their employees by helping them identify and maximize what makes them exceptional. You must experience William to understand what makes his presentations unique and valuable.”

Faten Halim, Training Director Sheraton Cairo Hotel Towers & Casino


“William has a unique combination of coaching, marketing communications and branding skills which enables him to work with executives to define and develop highly differentiated personal brands. Working with him has been both fascinating for me and valuable to my business.”

Christophe Ginisty, Founder and Managing Director, Rumeur Publique, the French PR Agency of the Year


”William Arruda delivered passionate, articulate and compelling reasons why all of us should be concerned about our own personal brand. Our members found his book, ‘Career Distinction,’ to be a valuable and motivating blueprint for managing and maximizing individual potential.”

Melissa A. Ungar, Events Manager, Pittsburgh Technology Council


“The Reach personal branding and leadership development methodology is comprehensive, straight-forward and most importantly effective. I have learned a lot about the way I present myself in going through the process. I recommend it to anyone who wants to really stand out from the crowd and at the same time lead with their personal values and ethics.”

Jean Mourain, Director e-Business Strategy, IBM